Becoming A More Beautiful Version of Yourself

Becoming A More Beautiful Version of Yourself

4 Dermatological Treatments For Beautiful Skin

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There's nothing like clear, healthy skin to help you look and feel great. Some people are born with naturally beautiful skin, but most people have to work for it. In your quest for beautiful skin, a good skincare routine will take you far. However, professional help can vastly improve your results. Dermatologists can offer prescription treatments and in-office services to people who are hoping to beautify their skin. Here are some treatments that you can take advantage of at the dermatologist's office:

1. Chemical Peels

Your skin constantly renews itself. As new layers of skin grow, the upper layers of your epidermis die and slough away. Regular exfoliation helps this process along. If your skin is looking dull and rough, an intensive exfoliation treatment can help. Dermatologists can perform chemical peels for patients. These treatments use acid to clear away the uppermost layer of skin to reveal the smooth, fresh skin below.

2. Acne Treatment

Acne can be caused by a number of things, from hormonal fluctuations to an overproduction of sebum. Acne can be itchy, painful, and embarrassing. Luckily, dermatologists have access to the most effective acne treatments around. Dermatologists can extract pimples and blackheads to instantly improve your complexion. They can also prescribe topical treatments that will help you control your acne and prevent breakouts in the future. Oral medications can also help people with acne attain clear and beautiful skin.

3. Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can be used to give patients fuller, plumper lips, fill in hollow under-eyes, and smooth out deep wrinkles. These fillers are injected beneath the surface of the skin with precision and care. Your dermatologist may gently massage the injection site to ensure that your dermal filler is evenly distributed. Dermal fillers can last for over a year, which means they offer long-lasting results to people who want to look younger and fresher.

4. Hair Removal

Your skin is full of pores, and many of those pores contain hair follicles. From the fine vellus hairs that line your cheeks and forehead to the thicker terminus hairs that grow from your legs, underarms, and upper lip area, most people have natural body hair. Removing body hair and facial hair can be a real hassle. Fortunately, your dermatologist can help you get rid of unwanted hair for good. Permanent hair removal treatments, such as laser hair removal and electrolysis, can allow you to eradicate hair from areas where you don't want it to grow. These treatments can be used on your bikini area, underarms, legs, arms, and more.

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