Becoming A More Beautiful Version of Yourself

Becoming A More Beautiful Version of Yourself

How Dermal Fillers Work

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Facial skin gradually loses its volume and elasticity. Sagging and wrinkles are common indicators of aging. Dermal fillers are injectable treatments that restore volume and minimize the appearance of wrinkles on facial skin.

Different Filler Types

Dermal fillers do not fall into one distinct category. There are a series of different filler types that are made up of natural and synthetic materials. Each filler type is manufactured by different brands. Ingredients that are used to manufacture filler agents may be used to target a specific part of the face.

Most filler products will not provide permanent results. This is due to the filler ingredients being absorbed by the body. A filler that is designated for use around the mouth contains an ingredient that is not absorbed. This is the only filler type that will provide permanent results. 

A Consultation

A doctor who performs cosmetic procedures will provide a consultation prior to performing dermal filler injections. The condition of facial skin will indicate which type of filler is needed. It is common for multiple injections to be performed when receiving treatment. Filler types that are targeted toward specific parts of the face may require that several different ingredients are injected.

If someone is trying to ward off the signs of aging and has only just begun to notice slight sagging or wrinkles, receiving one injection may be all that is necessary. During a consultation, a cosmetic doctor will reveal how dramatic the results may be and an expected timeframe for a product to last. It is safe to receive subsequent injections, once the initial treatment has worn off.

The Procedure

Undergoing a series of dermal filler injections can be conducted during an outpatient appointment. A numbing agent is applied to the skin. Anesthetic cream or ice packs are typically used to numb facial skin. Each injection will be administered separately. The facial skin that is around the injection site may turn red or appear puffy once a filler has been injected. Bruising may also occur. These side effects will diminish in a couple of days.

Facial skin may be sensitive to the touch. Makeup, creams, lotions, and any other topical products that have not been approved for use by a cosmetic doctor should not be applied to treated skin. Over-the-counter pain medication can be used to soothe painful areas. A cosmetic doctor will provide a list of approved medications that are safe to take.

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