Becoming A More Beautiful Version of Yourself

Becoming A More Beautiful Version of Yourself

How Freezing Fat Can Sculpt Your Body And Why It's Often Better Than Liposuction

Leo Niva

If you have areas on your body that hold on to fat even when you exercise and diet, you might wonder if liposuction is for you. A better choice might be to freeze off the fat with a CoolSculpting procedure. Removing fat cells by freezing them is a way to sculpt your body and get rid of annoying fat pockets that just won't budge otherwise. Here's how this treatment works and why you might prefer it over liposuction.

How Freezing Fat Cells Works

A treatment that freezes fat cells can take up to an hour. The length of the treatment and the number of treatments you need depends on how much fat you want removed and how many areas need to be treated. Freezing fat cells is safe because fat crystallizes faster than other cells in your body. So, while the fat cells freeze and die, your skin and other body tissues are not harmed. Results usually take a few weeks to notice since your body has to break down and eliminate the dead fat cells. This removes those cells permanently so you have an easier time maintaining your sculpted appearance even if you've always had a tendency to put weight on in those areas in the past.

You can have fat cells frozen on most parts of your body that are problem areas such as under your chin or on your stomach. However, the doctor has to determine if the procedure is right for you. You should be near your ideal weight since freezing is not a weight loss procedure, and you shouldn't have any medical condition that causes a negative reaction when you're exposed to very cold temperatures.

Why Freezing Is Often Better Than Liposuction

Liposuction is also a way to get rid of fat permanently. However, liposuction is surgery and it requires a recovery period. Freezing fat cells is not a surgical procedure. You're awake and alert so you can read or watch videos during the treatment. The freezing procedure is not too painful or uncomfortable so you may even nap through it. When the session is over, you can go right back to work because there is no recovery time needed. This makes freezing a safer, quicker, and more convenient option than liposuction.

When you have your fat cells removed by freezing, the doctor creates a treatment plan that's specific to you so you can reach your goals of a sculpted neck or flatter abdomen that fits your desired timeline and budget. While results might not be immediate, you'll notice the fat gradually shrinking, which is a more natural way to lose fat and change your body shape. Your friends may think the changes in your body are from working out and dieting rather than a cosmetic procedure.


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