Becoming A More Beautiful Version of Yourself

Becoming A More Beautiful Version of Yourself

The Importance Of Nutrition After Facelift Surgery

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Your surgeon and the staff will instruct you on how your facelift surgery recovery will work. You will likely get a diet plan or at least diet suggestions. Follow all the doctor's instructions closely. However, you should pay special attention to what you eat. Here is why nutrition is important post-op, and what kind of food you should consider.

Why the Healing Body Needs Good Nutrition

It takes a little bit of time for your body to fully heal from any type of facelift surgery. While healing, your body will use everything it can to get back to optimal health. You can help the healing process by giving your body what it needs to heal you as fast as possible.

What you put into your body during the healing phase can help or hinder. Some foods can slow down the process or even disrupt it. Good nutrition helps your healing process in a number of ways. Good nutrition helps to:

These things all contribute to a speedy recovery, while also helping to mitigate any potential problems. Good nutrition also improves overall health. In turn, your improved health will contribute to your body's healing efforts. As you improve, so does your body's defenses and functions.

What Nutrients are the Most Important Post-Op

After your surgery, you'll want to take advantage of foods with the right nutrients for your body. Those nutrients include:

  • Fiber – Helps digestion, which can become sluggish after surgery
  • Protein – Helps rebuild body tissue
  • Vitamin A – Helps immune system
  • Vitamin C – Helps immune system, restores protein, and rebuilds collagen

When your body is trying to heal, it uses up a lot of energy. To keep it going, you should increase your calorie intake. To that end, you can eat some fatty foods as well. You can get your calories and protein from lean meats. Consider pork, chicken, or seafood cooked with extra-virgin olive oil for this purpose.

What Foods to Avoid After Your Facelift Surgery

When you're healing, you do your body a disservice if you give it things that hamper the process. You should avoid refined sugars, salt, alcohol, caffeine, and heavy fats (saturated and trans). Sodium intake is especially damaging because it can increase or even cause swelling and inflammation.

A few more things to watch out for include extremely hot beverages. In addition, avoid foods that require you to open your mouth too wide or chew for too long.

If in doubt, err on the side of caution and always ask your surgeon or the surgeon's staff. Your doctor's guidelines and advice will see you through your recovery. You'll also have a little practice since you will need to stick to a diet before pre-op as well. For more information, contact a company like Tallahassee Plastic Surgery Clinic.


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